Most Popular Chest Tattoos For Men


We found that the chest is the most popular place a man can ink. We wanted to know the top trends in chest tattoos for males so we went straight to the source. Our male readers were asked to vote on their chest tattoos. We wanted to know where they were, what designs they preferred, the top sizes and styles, and which motifs they liked best for chest ink. Here’s what we discovered about chest tattoos for men.

Full Chest Tattoos 

According to our poll results, the full chest area is one of the most preferred places for men to get ink. To get the best out of their body art, most men prefer to use their entire chest area. Our next result is tied for first, with the full chest.

Chest Tattoos 

That goes from the shoulder to your chest is another popular place for men to get chest tattoos. These designs begin at the shoulder cap and reach down to the chest.

Both pecs tattoo 

These are the second most common spots for men to get tattoos on their chests. This spot could be one pec or a combination of both. However, it is the next from the top.

One pec tattoo 

The next most popular spot for a chest tattoo is one pec. If you are considering getting a tattoo on your chest, the pec is a good spot to do smaller tattoos.

Upper Chest Tattoo 

This is the most popular place for men to have chest tattoos. However, the collarbones are not included in this area. These men got their ink from just below the collarbones to the nipples.

Chest and Abdomen Tattoo 

Last, the chest to abdomen tattoo is the best. These chest tattoos are almost as large as full-torso designs. It’s obvious that men who choose this route to body art have a ‘go big, or go home’ mentality.



A large majority of men who responded to our survey indicated that religion is the most popular topic for chest tattoos. We now have data that shows religious iconography and elements are common in many chest tattoos.


This is the second most common chest tattoo theme for men. This could be used to refer to any type of overcome, but it is often used in conjunction with the idea of triumphing over difficult times.


celebration is the next most-popular chest tattoo theme. This is a very broad area. It could be a celebration of a specific event, such as a birthday, anniversary, or a celebration of all things life.

Graveyard Tied 

in celebration of the 3rd most-popular chest tattoo theme, the graveyard. These tattoos have a lot of meaning, but the idea that death is strongly tied to them.

Obscure Simpsons Refer 

This is perhaps our favorite option for tattoo themes. We love the idea of this Simpsons reference, even though they didn’t specify exactly what their tattoos were referring to.

Outdoors Another

A favorite chest tattoo theme is the outdoors, specifically wood and mountains. Because of their large areas, these landscapes can be inked with a lot of detail.


Skulls are a common theme for many chest tattoos on men. Skulls have a long history of being a popular choice in a tattoo design.

Contemporary Abstract

Some guys prefer a more artistic theme for their chest tattoos. They opt for modern abstract designs.


The theme of family is finally here. Although family-themed chest tattoos are the most popular, it is not the most widely used.

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