Most Popular Chest Tattoos For Men

Most Popular Chest Tattoos For Men

We found that the chest is the most popular place a man can ink. We wanted to know the top trends in chest tattoos for males so we went straight to the source. Our male readers were asked to vote on their chest tattoos. We wanted to know where they were, what designs they preferred, the top sizes and styles, and which motifs they liked best for chest ink. Here’s what we discovered about chest tattoos for men.

Full Chest Tattoos

According to our poll results, the full chest area is one of the most preferred places for men to get ink. To get the best out of their body art, most men prefer to use their entire chest area. Our next result is tied for first, with the full chest.

Chest Tattoos

That goes from the shoulder to your chest is another popular place for men to get chest tattoos. These designs begin at the shoulder cap and reach down to the chest.

Both pecs tattoo

These are the second most common spots for men to get tattoos on their chests. This spot could be one pec or a combination of both. However, …